Your Guide to the Best Haunted Places in the Finger Lakes

The fall leaves are changing and we are coming into the spookiest time of the year! It’s time to curl up with a cup of apple cider or hot cocoa, carve some pumpkins, and put on a scary movie marathon. It is also the perfect time for a visit to New York’s Finger Lakes! With fall color touching every square inch of the region, great autumn activities, and a great collection of haunted and spooky places to check out, you’ll have a blast this fall. If you’re a lover of haunted houses and spooky sights, you’ll love these attractions.


Miles Wine Cellars

Many people make the trip to Miles Wine Cellars on Seneca Lake for the stunning Greek Revival mansion, waterfront views, and their delicious wine. Most people don’t know that their wine isn’t the only spirit on the property. Throughout the years, several people have witnessed supernatural activity throughout the house. The story goes that a newlywed couple purchased the home and started renovations when the husband fell 3 stories to his death. Shortly after, the wife mysteriously passed away as well and both spirits have stayed together at the home. You’ll hear footsteps when no one is there, mist will randomly form before being whisked away in an unusual fashion, and you’ll find doors slamming frequently. To be honest, the winery isn’t a bad place to spend eternity and after a couple glasses of their incredible Chardonnay, you won’t want to leave either. 


Seneca Falls Historical Society

The Seneca Falls Historical Society is a must-see for anyone visiting the quaint town of Seneca Falls. This 23 room victorian mansion in Seneca Falls is bound to catch your eye and only gets better once you go inside. The home was occupied by the Mynderse Family and it is believed that Edward Mynderse himself still resides on the property. It is said that Mr. Mynderse does not like change and will play tricks on the staff or will make himself known when things are rearranged or updated. It is also said that two other souls still wander freely among the mansion. 


Spook Hill

If the name Spook Hill has piqued your interest, read on. On the eastern side of Canandaigua Lake lies a road that doesn’t look extraordinary upon first sight. However, if you stop your car and put it into neutral, you’ll find yourself naturally rolling uphill. Follow the directions and see this mysterious spot for yourself. Some say it’s an optical illusion, others claim it’s Native American spirits. Either way, it seems like a great excuse to get out and drive along the Finger Lakes countryside and see some fall foliage. 


Wayside Irish Pub

A quaint roadside pub off of Highway 5 in Elbridge looks like a classic little restaurant serving up Guinness and corned beef Rubens but holds a much deeper history. The original building was built in the 1880’s but paranormal sightings started happening in the 1960’s. There is a young girl named Sara that has been spotted by many, but most of the activity recorded is due to a ghost named Harry. Many bartenders have witnessed glasses flying off of tables, pictures falling off of walls, or the occasional shoulder tap or hair pull when no one else is present. 


Museum of Wayne County History

This former County Jail in Lyons, NY was home to the only hanging in Wayne County. William Fee was accused of murdering a woman in 1860 and was sentenced to death. Employees and guests have mentioned seeing the man walking in his cell block. The museum conducts daily tours where you can learn about the history of the area and see the original jail, complete with all of the inmate artwork still on the walls. 


Leave the haunted houses and scary movies at home and embark on a tour of these spooky haunted spots in the Finger Lakes. Stay at Sutherland House during your trip to the Finger Lakes. This charming Victorian mansion outside of Canandaigua, NY was once rumored to be haunted. This was mostly due to the eerie sight of such a grand mansion abandoned upon a hill. Since then, the entire home has been renovated and brought to life to host guests traveling through the Finger Lakes.  You can read all about it in Haunted Finger Lakes: A Ghost Hunter’s Guide during your stay. 

Sutherland House Victorian Bed & Breakfast

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